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Our Christian Renewal Prayer Rooms are open to the public! We have corporate sets facilitated by a prayer leader seven days a week in Hilton Head and Bluffton. Check out the schedule below and come join us as we commit to being a house of prayer!

Sunday — Bluffton 7:00 PM
— Bluffton 7:00 PM
— Hilton Head 7:30 AM
Wednesday — Hilton Head 7:00 PM
— Hilton Head 7:30 AM
— Bluffton 7:00 PM
Saturday — Bluffton 7:00 PM

As we gather, worship is expressed through thanksgiving, praise, prayer, creativity, and other means that focus our hearts on encountering Jesus. We believe that as we corporately worship and behold Him, we will be transformed by His Presence and more into His likeness. Through hearing His voice, declaring His Word, and praying His heart, Heaven’s realities grow in our lives, circumstances, cities, and nations.

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We believe we’re called to see our region impacted significantly with the gospel of Jesus by the power of the Spirit. We also have a strong conviction that every believer is a minister and called to participate. Thank you for your willingness to partner with us!

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